Think, Love & Kindness in 2018!


Loving Kindness & Mindful Meditation

Think, Love & Kindness provides real solutions to reduce stress and improve relationships and boost your self worth.

Imagine feeling happy, stress free, and laughing with friends again!

Developed by Mindfulness Counsellor and Coach Jacqueline Hogan, sample the program today and get full access with meditation membership.

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What Do I Get?

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Do you Suffer from Anxiety or Depression?

You're not alone. But you can do something about it.

Are you stressed by work, issues at home and suffering anxiety and depression?

Mindfulness Meditation can help relax, calm negative thoughts and help regulate behaviour and frustration.

Brought to you with Love & Kindness by Jacqueline Hogan

Jacqueline Hogan is an experienced Counsellor and Coach from Victoria, Australia

"I developed Think, Love & Kindness to share my knowledge and strategies with you. My clients have had great success with the strategies over the past 15 years.

"The program is suitable for everyone who wants to benefit from the power of mindfulness and meditation."

Hear What People Are Saying

  • Christine Slatter
    Great book, easy to read with excellent exercises that are practical and help with identifying thoughts, feelings and behaviours and learning how to change them in a positive way. The audio meditation was very helpful and relaxing and encourages positive feelings of wellbeing.
    Christine Slatter
  • Withheld
    I haven't done meditation before or practiced mindfulness but have been blown away by the results. I feel much calmer and relaxed throughout my day which is good because I work with people in crisis and it gets stressful at times. I loved the program, I was overwhelmed the other day and did the Mantra under my breath and it really helped me.
  • Leanne
    I've just finished the program...  You are a very talented writer!!..  The Mantra was very relaxing and entrancing.
  • Kristen L Hogarth
    Jacqueline Hogan has provided a clear and accessible guide which answers all the questions likely to be asked by a newcomer to mindfulness, meditation and cognitive re-framing.  Her 40 page program is well researched and designed, and accompanied by a helpful audio meditation.
    Kristen L Hogarth
    Author of Selfless - A Social Workers Own Story of Trauma and Recovery
  • Maddie C
    Wow, I just finished the Loving Kindness Mantra, and affirmations and wanted to let you know I love it! This is the first time I have really felt a deep meditation experience. I hardly got distracted at all.  My husband even wants to do it now, because I am much calmer and relaxed. Thankyou!
    Maddie C

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