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January 2022 Update

It’s been a challenging time since the start of 2020. Reflecting back, it’s been a turbulent time of ups and downs, to say the least.

As we start 2022 (again with some trepidation) – I have hope for the future. We have built resistance and adapted.

During this time, we have grown in so many ways and learned many lessons too. I’ve tried my best to support you through this time with resources, articles and newsletters, as well as in-person counselling & coaching.

There are lot’s of great resources on this site to support your mental health, mindset, and growth both personally and for your relationship.

In this update I’d like to shift the focus on the recent additions to the site and provide you with some great resources and ideas to nurture your relationship. Especially around communication and getting a great start to 2022.

Of course if you need help and want to work with me in person, I’m continuing to do all my counselling online using zoom. 

Enjoy the hand-picked resources in this update.

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