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You're Not Alone

All relationships have their ups and downs, and most issues get resolved over time. However, when issues remain unresolved and the tension is driving a wedge between you, it's critical you seek professional help.

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Jacqui Hogan


Counsellor & Coach, Bendigo

You're Worth It

Jacqui works with you separately or together to unravel your relationship issues, using evidence based frameworks.

Be guided through difficult feelings and develop your plan for the future together. Live the life you dream of.

Receive superior support, guidance, encouragement and resources to repair your relationship and restore feelings of love and respect.

Loving Relationships

Often counselling brings to the surface many buried feelings. Jacqui teaches you mindfulness based strategies, to invite love and intimacy into your life.

Learn the secret to releasing unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviour to reduce stress and live a happier life.

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Our relationship has gone from a '2' to an '8'


Special Program

Save My Marriage - 7 Step Program

Rebuild Your Relationship With a New Foundation of Trust, Respect and Forgiveness

Are unresolved issues causing tension and breakdowns in your relationship?

Do you or your partner have one foot out the door?

Jacqueline's unique "Save My Marriage" program has been developed specifically for couples near breaking point.
  • Release the burden of pain, shame and guilt.
  • Feel heard and unravel complex issues
  • Restore communication
  • Be open to forgiveness
  • Re-build trust and respect
  • Rekindle love and affection

The program will have a profound impact on your life, marriage, family and extended relationships.

For more information call Jacqui to discuss further and find out if the program is the right fit for you.


About The Program

The Save My Marriage Program is perfect for couples who are suffering deeply from relationship issues and require immediate support and guidance.

The program gives you maximum contact time with Jacqui over three months to address your issues deeply and achieve profound transformation.


Personalised Support & Guidance

Personalised therapeutic sessions provide you with a clear pathway. Enjoy superior support, resources and reassurance to get through your difficult time.

The Save My Marriage Program gives you bonus access to Jacqueline’s mindfulness and guided relaxation program in the private members area.

Feel relaxed, sleep well, be happier, healthier and form stronger relationships with a positive outlook on life.


Strengthen Your Relationship

  • Re-establish trust, love and connection.
  • Overcome feelings of hurt, shame and guilt.
  • Restore feelings of intimacy
  • Create meaning and a vision for a happy future
  • Be empowered by opening up communication channels with your partner
  • Feel heard by identifying and exploring your underlying issues deeply.
  • Have a plan to move forward in your relationship using a proven framework.
  • Restore self-worth and respect and build a new foundation of love based on trust, forgiveness and admiration.

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