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Personal Life Coaching in McCrae

Are you feeling stuck in your career or life path? Break free with Personal Life Coaching. Be your best self. Your success is closer than you think!

11 Things for an Amazing Year

Have An Amazing Year – 11 Tips – Like No.8: Trade your time for the things that make you feel alive and that you are passionate about.

Childhood Trauma and Mental Health

Did you know most children and adolescents do not experience mental health problems following exposure to a single traumatic event? However a small minority of children experiencing a traumatic event

5 Simple Mindful Gratitude Tips

Gratitude practice is simply taking the time, as often as possible, to think, write, talk or draw about what’s going well in your life.

Imagine Being Free From Anxiety

Awareness and information are key to managing your anxiety. Managing your worries, fears and problems is what makes the difference between being immobilised by anxiety to being free, strong (anti-fragile) and in control.

Unlocking Your Inner Strengths to Become Anti-fragile

Discover your inner strengths to become more resilient. Resilient? Scratch that. Let’s call it anti-fragile, a term coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb , a more accurate description, which recognises the pain and hurt we experience during tough times .


Smile Yourself to Happiness

IMAGINE what it would be like if you could MAKE yourself happier in just five minutes a day. No pills, No money, No guru.
This secret tip I’m sharing with you now, is free and you can do it ANY time, ANY where.

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