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Update 2023: – We are now based in McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula! We continue to see clients online and now in-person too.

Update 2022: Please Note, My partner Lee is now running the Life Coaching Program, as I (Jacqui) am focused 100% on Couples Counselling.

You can learn more about Lee and his new program here.

Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Career and Life Path?

It’s common to feel stuck and tied down in your career or life at times.
This can make you feel helpless, flat, tired and with no where to turn.
Don’t let success pass you by because of fear, uncertainty, low self-worth, low confidence, or difficult circumstances.

Before the coaching program I was lost and confused especially in regards to my personal relationships, family, career, future direction etc. I am now excited about the future instead of just letting life pass by.” – D.C

Imagine Having Your Own Blueprint to Success

Working with Lee and using the templates provided in the program you will unpack your issues and get clarity on what you desire. Finally welcome happiness and fulfillment in your life. Leave procrastination, doubt, fear and limiting beliefs behind as you open a new chapter in your life.

Form new habits over 90 days and build consistent results with a weekly contact schedule. Watch as you transform into a confident new you. Make yourself the priority and get the support and motivation to achieve crucial ground breaking steps toward your goals.

Let’s Focus on Career, Happiness and Work-Life Balance

Work with Lee and use the resources in the program to establish a powerful platform to define your new career goals and pathway to the success you desire. This could be a new higher paying job, a career change or perhaps your feeling stuck, unworthy, bored and unsure of your next move.

Common themes and exercises to get unstuck and get back on track include:

  • Skills inventory – You’re smarter and more capable than you think!
  • Define your values and beliefs – strengthen your identity and how live.
  • Unlock the secrets to YOUR motivation, confidence and self worth.
  • Create a knockout resume / online profile that plays to your strengths.
  • Disrupt old unhelpful beliefs negative thinking patterns and get a new positive mindset for success.
  • Visualisation and goal planning to get what you want faster.
  • Mindfulness and meditation for ultimate clarity and to reduce stress, fear, worry and anxiety.
  • and so much more!

How Proud Will You Be When You:

  • Land that new job!
  • Get that pay rise
  • Change careers & do what you love
  • Have confidence & self-worth
  • Can be yourself, love yourself and your partner
  • Have a work-life balance
  • Are free from fears, heartache and burdens from the past
  • Are finally living life on your terms

Life Changing Benefits for You & Your Family:

  • Living your life with purpose and happiness
  • Living free from unhelpful childhood beliefs holding you back
  • Understanding you are good enough
  • Understanding you are smart enough
  • Connecting deeper in your relationships
  • Being a confident, loving partner, parent, friend and colleague.
  • Growing and nurturing your pathway for future success.
Welcome a new sense of freedom and opportunity

Visualisation Exercise

To learn more about the program and how working with Lee can help you achieve the outcomes you desire, get in touch today using the form below.

Or Why not get started now!

Try this simple yet powerful visualisation exercise.

Imagine you are very old and you’re sitting relaxing in your rocking chair on the front porch of your home. You are reflecting on your life and thinking about all you have achieved and experienced in life.

What would you like to look back on?
What are the highlights that you would enjoy reliving?
Who have you spent your precious time with?
What difference have you made?
What are you most proud of?
What was satisfying in body and soul?
How did you fulfill your life purpose?
How did you use your unique gifts?
What will your legacy be ?

Close your eyes and take 5 minutes to ponder and write down your answers…

These questions help you to tune in and become mindful of what really matters to you.

They also help you to make yourself a priority and live in the present.  To live in line with your beliefs and values.

How did you go?

Reflect on the themes that emerge for you…

What are they telling you?… How do they align to your core Life Values?

Ready to explore new opportunities and set about achieving them?…

Get in touch with Lee below to start a free conversation and learn how he can help you. Alternatively you can browse his website.

With Love & Kindness
Jacqueline Hogan & Lee Ashby

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