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  • Effective support & expert advice means you get what you need when you need it. Ask questions, unearth answers, follow with actions

  • Convenient session times in the comfort of your home means you can relax, stay motivated, resolve issues, strengthen relationships, and do more of what your love!

  • Jacqui's experience, training, and wealth of resources means you have access to the best knowledge in the world backed by real neuro science to be happier & healthier sooner.

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Access professional counselling & coaching from the comfort of your own home, at your office... even poolside while on holiday!...Wherever!


Talk through issues on a phone call. Work through solutions on a video chat and follow up with emails.

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Experience breakthrough moments in convenient scheduled appointments, Catchup between sessions on the go.

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Support and advice tailored to your needs. Benefit from Jacqui's vast experience and library of resources. Rest assured you're in good hands.

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I can look in the mirror now and say "I Love myself"


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Popular Online Programs

What Are Your Burning Issues?... Relationships? New Career Aspirations? Low Self-Worth / Personal Issues?

Superior Life Coaching Program

Experience profound life changing transformation in Jacqui's premium life coaching program.

Over 90 days, Feel relief as issues from the past are no longer impacting on you. Enjoy healthy new habits as you get your confidence and self-worth back and boost your life into a new direction. You'll be smiling throughout your day as your vision, beliefs, values and goals become clear.

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Save My Marriage Program

Reignite the spark in your relationship. Restore communication and learn essential relationship skills to lead a happy life together.

The Save My Marriage Program has been a life saver for many of Jacqui's clients struggling under the weight of complex relationship issues. Long sessions with superior support allow you to unpack sensitive issues and get clear strategies that work.

Access the members area for mindfulness and meditation program audios to release anger and resolve pent up frustration. Restore a healthy work-life balance and focus on things that make you both happy.

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The E.R.A.S.E exercise really opened me up and emptied out alot of stuff I'd been holding onto. Some things I'd forgotten about but I was surprised how I filled the page with writing. Once I got going it was hard to stop and I left that session feeling so relieved...Emotional but good to get it out."


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Online Features & Benefits

Online Features

  • Easy-to-use Technology
  • Smooth Video - Fast NBN Connection
  • Private, Safe & Secure - Encrypted Data
  • No Printing - Digital Program & Workbooks
  • Affordable Plans & Payment Options

Online Benefits

  • Convenient, Comfortable Counselling & Coaching
  • Personal Professional Support With Jacqui
  • No Printing - Digital Program & Workbook
  • Members Area Access - Boost Your Progress
  • Bonus Mindfulness & Meditation Audios & More

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