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Do you live in a regional country area like Bendigo, Swan Hill, Echuca or even further afield and struggle to find professional counselling and life coaching services?

With the NBN rolling out around Australia, many people now have access to fast broadband internet enabling you to connect with people and services easily online.

Online Counselling and Online Life Coaching has been fantastic for my remote clients to get the support they need when they need it, and now you can benefit too!

If your looking for couples counselling in Sunbury, Gisborne, Castlemaine, Kyneton or even further north in Echuca, Kerang and Swan Hill, I can work with you in person and online. A hybrid approach works really well for my clients who live and work in remote areas or even in Melbourne.

Finding a Life Coach with the experience and specialist training can be difficult if you live in remote areas such as Swan Hill, Echuca or Maryborough. Clients who live in Macedon Ranges, Sunbury, Gisborne and the outskirts of Melbourne find its easier to meet me in Bendigo and work together in longer sessions and get follow up support online and by phone. Location is no longer a barrier for my clients to get the best emotional support, guidance and reassurance they need during difficult and challenging times.

Distance is no longer a problem!

Connecting by video chat in the comfort of your own home is easy. We can talk through your burning issues, address concerns and catch up on your progress towards your identified goals, and so much more.

The benefits of professional counselling and coaching are now within reach! I’m excited and feel privileged to extend my services to you.

It’s no secret that regional and country areas have ‘gone without’ for a long time compared to city folks. But that’s beginning to change now with better access and adoption of technology.

The importance of mental health is getting through to the community while breakthroughs in neuroscience are unlocking new insights about the brain, behaviour and how we think.

Online Couples Counselling That Works

I specialise in couples counselling and personal coaching. I've developed my programs from the ground up and they're easy to follow, flexible and enjoyable. The programs are all based on my years of experience, specialist training and knowing what works.

There are many cross-over themes between couples counselling and personal coaching. Improving yourself is a great start to improving your marriage; After all you make up 50% of the relationship!

If your marriage or relationship is on shaky ground and wearing you down then it’s crucial you seek professional help. Getting the right support and advice to work through delicate issues is so important during this time.

I encourage you to click here to learn about the Save My Marriage Program.
Benefits include:

  • Restore communication with your partner
  • Reduce fear, anger and frustration
  • Rekindle lost love and affection for each other
  • Overcome persistent worry, fear, stress, anxiety and self-doubt.

Life Changing Coaching

The Superior Life Coaching Program has proven to be very rewarding for clients, who are committed to change and personal growth. The program includes five powerful modules that form the “pillars of change”.

Building strength, balance and resilience in these key areas unlocks your infinite potential.

Breaking down the barriers that hold you back is very rewarding. Your accomplishments, happiness and success are inspiring for both you and me.

If you feel like there is ‘more out there' and have the desire to tap into a ‘higher gear’, I highly recommend you click here to learn about the Superior Coaching Program.

Or take action immediately and call me to chat and arrange your discovery session. Online or in person, it’s up to you!

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