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My Holiday Journal – Part Two

Keeping Up The Routine

It’s day 2 of my holiday with Donna and I’m sitting at the table writing a quick reflection after my new morning routine of getting up and going for a run/walk at 7am.

Just as I did yesterday and the preceding days before, I woke early and headed out to greet the drizzly, coastal conditions at Robe.

I headed left (west) and found myself running up a slight hill. I love hills. I know from previous times when I’ve been running this is a quick way to lose weight and get fit fast. Most times when I’m out walking, my mind goes on autopilot and without much thought, naturally I find myself running (probably more of a ‘shog’ – a combination of shuffling and jogging) hahaha.


Feeling The Holiday Vibes

I found an unexpected ease and bounce in my step as I jogged to the top of the hill and around the corner. There I found myself arriving at the Robe Marina.

It was serenely quiet and peaceful. No-one in sight and I felt like I had the whole place to myself. No cars. Lots of boats though, with not a soul to be seen. The birds were my only company as they playfully criss-crossed my path flying in and out of the soaring pine trees that lined the foreshore.

As I headed back in towards the township I took a right hand turn to explore some of the residential areas and check out some of the old buildings and architecture. I found some sand dunes ahead and jogged up the hills in that direction. I began to feel my right calf tightening and to avoid any potential for injury, I stopped and did some stretching before continuing to jog towards the sand dunes.

Despite my attempts to reach the ocean and beach, I couldn’t find my way through the scrub… Another day perhaps!

By now I had been jogging / walking for around 50 minutes and decided it was time to head back towards our motel.

Our accommodation for the night was a bargain at the Best Western Motel. It was a two bedroom unit right across from the beach. Even better it was just 100m up the road to the Robe pub where we went for a light dinner last night. We had the place to ourselves for dinner by the time we finally arrived that day, and enjoyed the soup of the day (pumpkin) and sourdough bread. However we soon returned to our room to rest up for our Thursday activities and drive to Barossa Valley.

Today, I’m feeling really proud of myself. No self-sabotage has kicked in and I’ve stuck to my new daily habit of exercise at 7am.

Tomorrow we head to beautiful Hahndorf and then onto Adelaide.



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