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My Holiday Journal – Part Three

Fabulous Hahndorf – Enchanting as Ever!

I’m writing this journal entry from Fabulous Hahndorf in South Australia. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in Australia. With storybook character this charming German village is just gorgeous!

Strengthening my Habit

I took off early this morning for my morning exercise. I reminded myself to take more photos, so most of today’s reflection has been captured in pictures rather than words. As you can see they capture the sheer beauty this region has to offer.

Taking off early this morning I was determined to keep my habit. It was easy getting up and keeping to routine today. The air was fresh but not too cold. I headed up the road and spotted a beautiful church with a red sunrise backdrop – see photos.

I’m so glad I captured this picture – The early bird gets the worm!

I headed around the corner and out into the meandering hillside. I managed to jog most of the way and stopped only to take more pictures. The gorgeous hillside and greenery seems to go on for ever here.

As I jogged along a dirt road through the farmland, I met a cow and we seemed to share a mindful moment before I continued along only for the serenity to be blasted by a nearby boarding kennel. The constant barking and howling followed me for quite a way down the road.

Every twist and turn in the road captured another eyeful of sheer natural beauty as I headed back into town, enjoying the quiet village at this hour of the morning.

Hahndorf – If you didn’t know better you’d think you were in Europe.