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My Holiday Journal – Part One

How Can I Stick to My Routine When I Am On Holidays?

I recently took some time off and traveled to Adelaide. How can I do it? How can I possibly stick to my routine when I am on holidays?

Can I continue my commitment to creating my new daily habit of getting up and going for a walk / run / jog / shog each morning?


Well I’m pleased to be able to write this and say today, I did get up and go for my walk/run!

I may not be sitting here in this beautiful town of Dunkeld typing this reflection if I hadn’t. I’m sure I would have been disappointed with myself which was part of my motivation to get out of bed this morning. I feel great that I’ve already been for my morning exercise, enjoyed the fresh air wandering the paths of the arboretum in Dunkeld.


A Beautiful Town & Stunning Location

It’s so beautiful and green here and such a tiny but cute town.

There are just a few quaint shops here and that’s what makes it so great. I’m missing the view of Mount Sturgeon though, I’m unable to see it through the grey cloudy mist this morning. I’m sitting at the local café / newsagent and observing some old habits of town folk that I haven’t seen for such a long time.

It’s got a real homely feel to it. The locals pull up to the shop in their farming utes, have a chat to the lovely lady behind the counter and pick up their copy of the Weekly Times. Some buy a coffee too and a school boy, appearing bored, waits for a bus to take him to school, wherever that may be.

There are cockatoo’s everywhere. What a busy little place this is becoming right now.

It’s 8am, I’ve been for my run, and enjoyed pushing myself through the drizzle, soaking up the good energy that is in abundance here in Dunkeld. It’s the kind of place you dream about when you are a kid, with rolling green hills, huge gum trees and an abundance of others that I am unable to identify. The cockatoos squawk and lots of wildlife are abound with ducks skimming the surface of the pond.

The caravan park looked like a quiet and cosy stop for the night; it’s where Lee and I once stayed on our 2016 trip. From the park its a quick walk into town and you have the amazing Royal Mail Hotel, owned by QC, Allan Myers, who so happens to be my cousin!

We’re staying in the garden rooms of the hotel which are located opposite and are just the cutest little cottages. We have a huge room to spread all our gear out. My good friend Donna is still not ready to face the early morning and enjoying a well-earned sleep in.

I’d love to be able to sleep in but I just didn’t want to miss out on anything this town has to offer. It’s the perfect little spot for the night. I especially love that it has such a fantastic pub – the food is gourmet and we chose to have the share plates which were colourful, delightfully presented, and had the perfect balance of flavours.

The dishes just kept on coming!

Once we thought we had finished, they brought out the final dishes – steak. We really couldn’t get anywhere near finishing the meal and I absolutely unapologtetically recommend anyone to try the Royal Mail Hotel at Dunkeld. The waiter helped us choosing the wine and brought one for us to taste before deciding on a second one, ‘Robert’ a 2015 Shiraz from Mount Stapylton in the Grampians region….

The atmosphere, the friendly staff, the seating, table, view, lighting, everything couldn’t have been better. The company wasn’t bad either as Donna and I sat and enjoyed celebrating our many years of friendship, reminiscing and cracking jokes as we sat and indulged without shame.

I feel good that although I overindulged last night, I also did stick to my commitment and get out of bed and go for my morning walk / run.

I hope I’ll be sitting somewhere as lovely as this tomorrow morning reporting in on another accomplished morning of walking and running and soaking up the beauty of this amazing countryside… For now it’s off to South Australia and to visit the occasional winery…