Have You Been Thinking About Counselling?

Has someone close to you said: “Maybe you should try counselling”…?

Talking with a qualified counsellor is your choice, however you may be surprised how helpful a session with Jacqui can be.

You're not alone - Feel supported with Jacqui.

Ease Your Emotional Burden

Counselling is a process to help you through the discomfort and emotions causing you grief, sadness, anger and depression.

Talking things through with a professional counsellor helps you move through the discomfort, and make sense of what you’re feeling and put things into perspective.

Learn how to self regulate your emotions and discover ways to improve the quality of your life, to be happier and more content.

Counselling with Jacqui - Bendigo & Online

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Jacqui Hogan
Jacqui Hogan - BASW, Dip PsyC, Gottman Level 3

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How Can I Help You?

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Ease your emotional burden and discover how counselling helps you to process your feelings and emotions to find peace and solutions that work for you to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. 

Improve Low Self Worth

Finally let go of old unhelpful beliefs and out-dated values causing you to feel stuck and unhappy. Overcome feelings of "I'm not good enough" with your new found confidence and believe in yourself to achieve the success you desire.

Relationship Breakdowns

Find forgiveness and heal from relationship breakdowns. Get specialist support and advice to leave a relationship, or indeed repair a relationship after infidelity or other traumatic events. Feel heard and be supported during this difficult time.

Live Your Happy Life

Jacqui supports you through your issues using a range of therapies and resources to suit you. The focus is on you, finding what works for you, healing and living a healthy and happy life. You deserve it.

If you’re unresolved problems are affecting your life, talking it through with Jacqui and getting professional support and advice is the next step.

You don’t need to go it alone, or punish yourself any longer.

Take the first step by simply contacting Jacqui to have a free short chat and to arrange your discovery session.

The biggest benefit for me was getting out of a rut and the negative self belief that I couldn’t do it. I now have the awareness of ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and realised my self limiting beliefs were holding me stuck in a rut and I was doubting myself.

Nicholas Burt

Relax With Mindful Meditation

Take a moment right now to experience a relaxing meditation with Jacqui.

Find a quiet space, get comfortable, use headphones and relax to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Close your eyes and feel a sense of calm wash over you. Enjoy.

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Jacqueline Hogan

Jacqui Hogan

BASW, Dip PsyC, Gottman Level 3

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Feel heard. Be empowered. – Understand, there is hope.

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