Have You Been Thinking about Counselling?


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Has someone close to you said: "Maybe you should try counselling"...?

Talking with a qualified counsellor is your choice; however you may be surprised how useful a session with Jacqui can be.


Lift the Emotional Burden From Your Shoulders

Counselling can help you to process your feelings and emotions and allow you to finally be free of the pain and tightness you have been holding onto. Learn to relax, self manage your emotions, and breathe.

Jacqui supports you through your issues using a range of therapies and resources and to suit you. The focus is on you, finding what works for you, healing and living a healthy and happy life. You deserve it.

If you're problems remain unresolved and are affecting your life, talking it through with Jacqui and getting professional advice is a great next step. You don't need to go it alone, or punish yourself any longer.

Take the first step, and when you're ready call Jacqui on 0490 458 522

Take a Moment & Experience a Relaxing Meditation With Jacqui

Find a quiet space, get comfortable, use headphones, relax and enjoy.

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