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Hypnotherapy for Couples, Confidence & Self-worth

Hypnotherapy for Couples

I’m coming into my Monday feeling accomplished following the Clinical Hypnosis training I completed over the past week with Michael Yapko PhD; Psychologist who has established himself as a master in the field of Clinical Hypnosis.

I was tremendously impressed with the content, delivery and structure of the training and delighted to discover I was already mastering many of the key methods for delivering hypnosis in a clinical setting.

hypnotherapy couples

I’m excited to continue my specialty area of counselling with couples and explore with them the many ways this valuable vehicle can turbo charge clients to achieve great success.

I’m looking forward to expanding my hypnosis with new clients as this experiential approach lends itself to a variety of themes many clients shall find extremely useful and feel empowered to take control of their lives, overcome false and self-limiting beliefs, break new ground and breakthrough the fear to find hope and happiness.

Be sure to take a look at my session reflection videos to learn more on how I am using hypnosis to help couples repair and improve their relationship.