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Get Set for 2020

A New Decade is About to Begin!

Are you ready?


As I write this, at the end of October 2019, you will have 61 days until the start of a new decade – 2020!

If that comes as a shock and you’re feeling a little unprepared and ‘offbeat” – then don’t stress, I have you covered with some great resources below to get you in tune for the new year.

As you know the years fly by, but decades only come around so often – every 10 years to be exact! Hah! Whatever it is, we tend to chunk our lives by the decades don’t we.

In this post I want to jump right in, and help you launch into the new year and new decade feeling fine and hitting the right notes from the get-go.


Your Vision for the 2020's

Reflect on the Past Briefly

Imagine in 10 years from now looking back and saying…

“Wow the 20’s were something weren’t they!?”

But first let’s do a quick reflection…

How have the last 10 years been?

  • What are your major milestones and achievements you are proud of?
  • What are some of the challenges and struggles you have waded through?
  • What are some of your real learning’s and insights that you can take on board for the next decade?

Casting a Wide Vision for Your Future

Let’s keep going now and visualise your life over the next ten years… Think big. Dream without barriers for now.

What does the big picture look like for your 20’s?

  • What themes do you want to live your life by?
  • How can I step outside my comfort zone, and have faith in my abilities?
  • Who do I want to be by my side during the next decade?
  • How can I best honour, connect, support and inspire those closest to me?
  • What are my greatest priorities that will be my next years ‘New Year’s Resolution’?

Quick Resistance Check

  • What baggage and old habits are holding me back?
  • What is the real underlying reason causing me to feel apprehensive about upcoming change, growth and goals?
  • What part of my mindset do I need to work on to ‘stay the course’, adapt, overcome and achieve?

Well done, I hope those questions whet your appetite for an amazing 2020.

Essential Resources for Your Success in 2020

Over the last few years, I have built up a wonderful collection of resources to help clients through difficult times, grow through change and transform their lives. I work one on one in session with clients to achieve life changing outcomes.

Some of the resources and strategies I use in session with my clients are presented below.

Click on the links and follow the steps, guides and worksheets to get set for 2020!

De-clutter with a Spring Clean

Let’s start the 20’s with clarity and purpose!… With confidence and distinction. Let’s first make room by decluttering and creating space for a breath of fresh air in your life.

Check out the recently updated decluttering ebook Lee and I have put together for great no-nonsense practical tips to de-clutter your home for improved clarity and focus.

Being a new decade, why not make some bigger decisions in preparation for strong positive change and new opportunities?

Take a moment to think about the bigger ‘out-there’ vision for your life.

  • For example: “I want a new backyard entertaining area” – If only we could make a start by removing that old tin shed and take out that tree. Right time for a change!
  • I want my living room back” –  How did we end up with so many things? Exercise gear, furniture, old books, toys, an unused desk. Argh! Time for a change!
  • “I want to simplify my life” – Two jobs, odd hours, kids sport, juggling housework, stress and unhealthy habits. It’s time for a change!
  • “I want a closer, more loving relationship” – What can I re-prioritise and lead by example on?

Download the Updated Ebook

Unlocked from the members area. Declutter Today!

Achieve Your New Years Resolution

Another ‘power-packed’ eBook I developed that includes ten sure-fire ways to achieve your New Year resolution.

Keep your commitments and use the strategies to be in the top percentage of people who actually achieve their goals. Combine the tips here with your goals and bigger vision for the 20’s!

Download the Ebook

Unlocked from the members area. Download it now and get set for 2020!

6 Hand-Picked Resources to Start 2020 Fresh!

Year in review

My Year in Review

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A better understanding of motivation could in 2x or even 10x your results! Learn the secrets behind how to cultivate motivation that works for you!

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