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Counselling in Bendigo – with Jacqueline Hogan

Jacqueline Hogan Counselling Bendigo

Hello everyone!

In 2016 I returned to my home town of Bendigo after working across Catholic primary schools in Canberra as a student and family counsellor.

Working with parents and principals I developed social skills groups and programs to address bullying, using mindfulness based strategies and positive psychology.

The programs I provided were all based on the very latest neuroscientific research from around the world. The transformations and confidence the students had gained from participating in the program was amazing.

Jacqueline Hogan

Specialist in Couples Counselling

2022 Update

Since returning to Bendigo, I have specialised in couples counselling and have undertaken extensive training in this area. Working with couples is very rewarding, and I encourage you to learn more about couples counselling and how I work.

Over the years I have published many valuable and insightful resources, here on my website. So be sure to browse these at your leisure to grow as an individual and be a better partner.

I have also developed several products – available in the shop to create closer relationships, live in alignment with your values and have better conversations.

If this sounds of interest, be sure to browse the shop and learn more.

While in the past I have offered personal life coaching, I am now focussing all my efforts on serving couples. The popular ‘Save My Marriage’ program has helped hundreds of couples in their relationships and can help you too.

Please browse the website and reach out if you’d like to get in touch and work together.

Kind Regards,
Jacqui Hogan