Counselling in Bendigo – Repair Relationships, Reduce Stress & Improve Self-worth

Jacqueline Hogan Counselling Bendigo

Hello everyone! I’ve recently returned to my home town of Bendigo after working across Catholic primary schools in Canberra for the past three years as a student and family counsellor. Working with parents and principals I developed social skills groups and programs to address bullying, using mindfulness based strategies and positive psychology.

The programs I provided were all based on the very latest neuroscientific research from around the world. The transformations and confidence the students and gained from participating in the program was amazing.

Couples Counselling & Relationship Issues

I specialise in couples counselling and individual life coaching. I work with you to help you communicate, relieve stress, and live happier, in-line with your beliefs and values.

For relationship counselling and support click here to hear how I can help you.

For marriage and complex relationship issues please learn about my successful ‘Save My Marriage’ program.

Personal Coaching for Success & Confidence

The superior coaching program is rewarding my clients with fantastic results. Many are achieving significant personal breakthroughs. It’s rewarding for me to see clients discover their self-worth, change jobs, aim higher and achieve amazing personal goals. Discover the benefits of the program and get the edge for success with Jacqui!

Release old unhelpful thoughts and habits by developing a life changing positive mindset to unlock new possibilities previously thought impossible.

Based in Golden Square, Bendigo I work with you in person, over the phone and on-line to provide you with superior support, real solutions and strategies to achieve your goals and get the outcomes you deserve.

What’s your goal for 2018? What’s holding you back from being your best? Are you ready to commit to change?

Click here to start your journey and feel your momentum build. Soon you will be unstoppable!

Call for a free short chat on 0490 458 522 and book your discovery session.

Kind Regards,
Your Counsellor & Coach,
Jacqui Hogan

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