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Childhood Trauma and Mental Health

Did you know most children and adolescents do not experience mental health problems following exposure to a single traumatic event?

However a small minority of children experiencing a traumatic event will go on to develop a mental health disorder, most commonly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic stress (Smith et al, 2007).

PTSD is the most common mental health problem seen in children and adolescents following a traumatic event and one third of children will continue to meet criteria for the disorder for up to eight years following the traumatic event/s (Yule et al, 2000).

If your child has been exposed to a traumatic event or ongoing trauma such as parent conflict, family violence, separation and divorce, childhood sexual abuse, motor vehicle accidents, loss of a loved one, exposure to parent mental health issues, seeking help and support is recommended.

Update: I now specialise in couples counselling only. As such I am only seeing couples in-person or online.

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