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We’ve Moved to McCrae

We’ve moved to McCrae. Check out our new space for couples counselling and discover how shared meaning helps your relationship evolve beyond the early stages.

Zoom for Online Counselling

Download Zoom for Online Video Calls Zoom is highly regarded as one of the best platforms for online video calls. Download it now and get set for your online counselling


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WellFest Bendigo August 11 & 12 2018

Come and See Jacqui at the Wellfest Expo in Bendigo, August 11 & 12! Wellfest is all about health and wellbeing, fitness, happiness, personal development and so much more.

Childhood Trauma and Mental Health

Did you know most children and adolescents do not experience mental health problems following exposure to a single traumatic event? However a small minority of children experiencing a traumatic event

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