Best Marriage Ever

A Couples Coaching Program With Jacqueline Hogan

Fondness & Intimacy

Remember when you first met? Reconnect and increase feelings of fondness and admiration.

Compromise & Forgive

Manage conflict and master the art of couples communication for happy, healthy loving relationships.

Become a Better Partner

Reduce stress and enjoy each others company. Create shared meaning, and live with passion and purpose.

Has Your Relationship Turned Cold?

unhappy couple

Rekindle the Flame

Have You Grown Apart?

Has the spark gone out? Perhaps your feeling stuck in a relationship rut? Reconnect and get back on track with proven therapeutic techniques and interventions.

Tired of Bickering?

Are you feeling frustrated? Learn new communication techniques and turn toward each other for warm, heartfelt communication and love.

Problems Driving a Wedge?

Are unresolved issues lurking beneath the surface? Turn a lifeless marriage around. Reach compromise and appreciate each other honestly.

Five Themes for Thriving Relationships

Be Understanding

Feel heard and talk through your concerns in a safe and supportive space with Jacqui.

Be Open

Communicate and understand each other intimately to reach compromise and forgiveness.

Be Loved

Repair lost intimacy and spark hope for the future together with purpose and meaning.

Be Better

Reduce conflict and resolve lingering issues. Begin a new chapter together.

Be Happy

Celebrate your relationship and continue your success with a renewed foundation of love, trust, and respect

For Couples Who Deserve the Best

One on One Sessions

Bonus Extras

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Please Note: Not all couples are suited to the Best Marriage Ever program. Get in touch with Jacqui to learn more.